The Importance of Wearing Medical Scrubs as Uniforms

Nurses didn’t just start wearing scrubs out of nowhere… Let’s take it back to the 1980s. Nursing students undertaking their training in the 80s remember wearing a pinstriped dress with white stockings and shoes, topped with a brown cape. Others remember a buttoned-down uniform and wearing caps. Some remember pale, yellow-coloured dresses with red pins that looked a lot liked scrambled eggs and sauce. Whatever the uniform, nurses wore them with pride, but little could be said about its comfort. Let’s just say these uniforms did not understand the assignment.  

Not to be dramatic or anything, but it’s mind-blowing what good scrubs can do. Not only are they super comfortable, but they can help you work the best you can. Here’s the tea on why healthcare professionals are obsessed with scrubs.   

The Importance of Wearing Medical Scrubs & Uniforms

Who wears the pants?

Who wears the pants?

It’s surprising to think that we’ve only been using new and improved medical scrubs in Australia since the 1990s. It wasn’t until the 1990s when female nurses successfully advocated for pants to be a part of their uniform. Trousers were not just more functional, but more practical in a hospital and clinical environment where their work was physically strenuous.  

This change to medical uniforms came about to reflect the changing needs of women in Australia. This change mirrored the importance of team when it comes to patient focus. When you wear comfortable, functional scrubs, you can give patients the best care you can, keeping patient experience at the centre.  

Both nurses and doctors work side by side to care for patients and so, they both wear scrubs. It’s less about your job title and more about providing excellent care as a team. There’s more of a level playing field when it comes to healthcare professionals. Every single healthcare professional has an equal part to play!  

Since the adoption of scrubs, very few clinical staff members choose to wear a skirt or dress. Not only are scrubs practical, but they’re also easier to wash and are much more comfortable. Talk about a glow up!  

Why industries are turning to medical scrubs more than ever

Why industries are turning to medical scrubs more than ever

  • Knowing the who’s who in healthcare  

When healthcare professionals wear scrubs, it is easier to identify medical personnel. Often different departments use different colours, such as emergency care, general or ICU so it’s easier to find the right healthcare worker when you need one. Scrub uniforms are helpful when patients need to find a nurse, as well.  

Just as other industries are proud of their uniforms, healthcare uniforms should be worn as a hard-earned badge of honour - you deserve it bestie!   

  • Teamwork makes the dream work 

When everyone wears medical scrubs, it shows that you’re a united team. Uniforms show that every single person on the team is important and has a role to play. When you wear a uniform, you are a part of a unit that can celebrate their hard work together.  

  • Easy to clean  

When you start out with high quality scrubs from the get-go, they will have more life in them. Look for scrubs that use the highest-grade materials, with maximum durability so you can clean them over and over again without having to worry about wear and tear. Scrubs need to be easily cleaned to help protect healthcare workers and patients and to keep bacteria at bay.  

  • Staying fresh and sanitary  

Look for scrubs that are treated with antimicrobial technology so that the fibres and fabrics can last longer. The right fabrics can even inhibit the growth of micro-organisms to provide anti-odour protection so that scrubs can stay fresh. Look for SILVADUR technology when finding durable and lasting scrubs.  

  • Uniforms make our lives easier 

Did you know that the average adult makes approximately 3,500 decisions a day? There’s a reason why people like Karl Lagerfeld and Steve Jobs opted for a uniform. Uniforms can help simplify your pre-work routine, so you save that energy and brain power for when you need it... at work!  

  • Be in the comfort zone 

Not only are scrubs comfortable, but they’re also functional and practical for anything that work throws at you. Your work will probably have you moving around a lot, so you want to make sure that your scrubs aren’t too tight or loose so that nothing gets in your way … or in your patient’s way.  

Which scrubs are right for you?

To figure out which scrubs are right for you, think about what your non-negotiables are when it comes to scrubs. You want to make sure your scrubs not only last a marathon, but also a sprint.  

  • Made for movement: Look for scrubs with four-way stretch and that are ridiculously soft.  
Look for scrubs with four-way stretch and that are ridiculously soft.
  • Pockets galore: Think about how many pockets you actually need. It depends on your comfort level and work habits. Will having a chest pocket actually weigh you down, or will having back pockets actually feel too bulky? It’s not about having 5 pockets or 12 pockets, but about how functional they are!  
Pockets galore scrub pants
  • Plenty of Legroom: Make sure your scrubs don’t get in the way of your movements. Comfort is important, especially when you’re doing long shifts or going from AM to PM or vice versa.  
Plenty of Legroom scrub pants

Listen, we got you! We have a breakdown of scrub pants here to help you find the best fit for you. Read our handy guide to find the pants that are right for you. Healthcare workers are at the heart of why we make medical uniforms in Australia. Our scrubs are made to meet all the demands of your role - where you are constantly on your feet.  

 It’s not just nurses and doctors that are in love with medical scrubs in Australia. From vets, physios and dentists to beauty, dermatology and massage therapists, a wide range of industries are moving to scrubs. We know that finding the best fit that suits different styles and body types is difficult. Our tip is to stick with the same colour so you can be sure that your team looks professional while each person can express their different style preferences. Scrub Lab can also provide custom embroidery for your healthcare uniforms so that your business stands out from the rest.  

Leave the past behind and find the best scrubs for you

Nowadays, spiffy caps, uncomfortable dresses and stockings are left only for the Halloween costumes. We think that’s where they should stay. In the same way that medical technologies have advanced to help Australian patients, so too have medical scrubs. We know how much good scrubs can help you do your best when you’re on the job. With Scrub Lab’s dedication to innovate, design and perform, you can be sure that your scrubs will work as hard as you do. Run, don’t walk and find your next pair of scrubs at Scrub Lab!