Nursing Scrub Uniforms

Scrub Lab’s Nurse Scrub Tops and Nurse Scrub Pants are the combination of style, form and function. Our Nurse Scrubs are made from our signature SL Tech™ Fabric – a material that gives you freedom of movement and is ultra-breathable. Our healthcare uniforms are designed to be innovative and high-tech so that you can perform your best shift, after shift. Discover more about our superior SL Tech™ in a range... See More

17 products

17 products

Why Scrub Lab?

Design & Fit

Your days are long, you're the ultimate multitasker and your time is scarce. Incorporating function, form and style, our garments are specifically designed with a little more of you in mind, giving you the freedom and flexibility to shine before, during and after work.


Featuring our proprietary SLTech™ fabric technology, our scrubs are antimicrobial, wrinkle resistant, ultra-soft, and provide four way stretch for supreme comfort.


Our scrubs are treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology to protect the fibres and fabrics so scrubs last longer, inhibit the growth of microorganisms in fabric, and provide anti-odour protection.

You, We, Us

Whether you're head of an organisation or department, part of a high performing team or working solo, we support the need for your brand to shine. Scrub Lab offers custom embroidery to suit your specific team and/or individual needs helping you build team spirit, foster a sense of belonging or simply to let people know who you are.


What makes Scrub Lab simply the best… and why should you buy from us?

Make your scrub life your best life. We are redefining the standard of medical scrubs in Australia. Our scrubs are top-quality medical nurse scrub tops and pants. Our scrub collections and kits are made so you can depend on them, whatever the day throws at you. Upgrade your squad game too so you’re matching when you show up to the code – and take a squad goals pic that we can feature on our insta!

Let’s spill the tea: Why do nurses wear scrubs and pants?

Gone are the days of scrub dresses and spiffy caps – they do not pass the vibe check! Scrubs give you the flexibility to keep up with your work, while durable enough so you can always rely on them. Dressing cute is not just for other professions.

SOS! How are scrubs supposed to fit?

You’re going to be moving around all day, so you want to be as comfortable as possible whether you’re going between departments, on break grabbing a strong, soy latte or trying to track down an IV pole. After the first wash, make sure that your nurse scrub top stays in place when you reach above your head. There should be enough breathing space between your underarm and your nurse scrub top. For your nurse scrub pants, make sure that your waistband fits properly and that they don’t drag on the ground when you walk. We stan pants that fit perfectly. For more of our top tips, check out our size guide here.

How to find the right scrubs for you and show your big hero energy?

Scrub Lab Scrubs are stylish enough to suit anyone! With our versatile range, it comes down to ensuring that it fits correctly, and you feel confident in your nurse scrub tops and pants. Confidence and style go a long way to helping you do your best. We think that confidence and style go hand in hand like Mary Kate and Ashley or pancakes and maple syrup. 

Am I missing something…? Do nurses wear clothes under scrubs?

It depends on where you work and what makes you feel most comfortable! Our under scrub is perfect for cold mornings or any cold workplace (speaking of, why are hospitals so cold all the time?!). A cute coloured underscrub can also be its own fashion moment too, when paired with your scrubs! Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean you don’t have to look your best. You might find that you get too warm with layers on, and it restricts your movement. Others prefer to wear layers depending on where they work – if you come into contact with lots of liquids, an extra layer might be needed.

So… can I wear scrubs as pants?

Our scrubs are stylish enough to wear on shift and off shift. Our scrubs have modern silhouettes, so you can flex how good you look, wherever you work. Scrub Lab Nurse Scrub pants are also great as they have a flexible fit that can move with you throughout the workday, along with heaps of pockets so you don’t miss any essentials. Be that person that always has an extra flush in your pocket. Shout out to you!

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Our COVID-19 pre-launch is dedicated to serving the tireless and enduring efforts of our healthcare heroes - you guys! We want to provide you with the best armour so you can dedicate your time to caring for the most vulnerable.