Different Types of Scrub Pants for Women

Different Types of Scrub Pants for Women

When we want to express ourselves or feel a certain way, clothing is usually a good place to start. The clothes that we wear can greatly impact our mood. Think about how wearing a certain colour can make you feel better - maybe you wear blue when you want to feel at peace, but you wear red when you want to command a room. The same goes for what you wear to work!  

When asked about your favourite outfit, you probably wouldn’t say scrubs, right? But when there are approximately 262 working days a year, you want to make sure your scrub pants make you feel unstoppable. We’re showing you what to consider when it comes to scrub pants for woman and what to choose to make you feel ready to take on the day. You’re welcome!

Choose High-Quality Materials for Scrub Pants

When it comes to choosing women’s scrub pants, you want to make sure that your pants are the best quality. In the olden days, scrub uniforms would be thick and bulky because it was a requirement to protect employees from any contaminants. Nowadays, the technology for scrub pants for woman is becoming more advanced. This means they can give you the protection you need on the job but give you flexibility and freedom to move.  

Your scrubs aren’t like that pair of jeans you only wash occasionally. Due to the medical setting, it’s important to wear fresh, clean scrubs every shift. If the material of your scrub pants is low-quality, this will cause the clothing to pill, wrinkle, stain and wear faster. We really recommend staying away from these materials. You’ll only be able to get a few wears out of them before having to replace them. Then you’ll end up spending more on cheaper scrubs than if you bought a few sets of top-quality scrubs.  A high-quality material will be more sustainable for the environment and for your pocket!  

Scrub Pant Colours and Sizes

Scrub Lab’s Scrub Pants for Women come in a variety of iconic and wearable colours. They’re all super popular and can suit a range of professions, so check with your workplace on what colours they prefer. Scrubs can suit any health care profession, but also anyone working in age care, childcare and veterinary clinics.  

The colours available all year round is Navy, Black and Ceil. Look out on our website for more colours and sign up to our newsletter for access to exclusive drops before they hit the public. Some of our customers love wearing different colours for different days! For example, on Wednesdays we wear pink!  

Scrub Lab’s Scrub Pants for Women not only come in XS-3XL, but you can choose between regular, tall or short lengths. We’re truly revolutionising the way you look at scrubs so you can be confident all day.  

Scrub Lab’s flattering scrub pants

All our scrubs are named after medical pioneers and those that have made a huge impact on saving lives. We’ve listed our flattering scrub styles for you:  

Lucy Jogger Pants

Our best-selling women’s scrub pants, with a slim fit to keep you looking good. These jogger pants give off a cool vibe, but also ensure that your pant legs aren’t touching anything on the floor. Not only are they super lightweight, but they are breathable as well. Oh – and did we mention there are 6 functional pockets?  


Clarissa Skinny Leg Pants

With a total of 12 pockets, our Clarissa Skinny Leg Pants will give you all the room to move if you prefer something with a little more space. These women’s scrub pants still have a slim fit so that they don’t look too baggy. A ridiculously soft fabric that is comfy as well – what more can you ask for?  


Edith Straight Leg Pants

If you’re looking for a classic tailored straight leg, our Edith Straight Leg Pant is incredibly practical and durable. The elastic waistband and adjustable drawcord is made to support you do what you do. The fabric is stretchy enough to move with you so you can do your best every day.  


How to wear scrubs fashionably

  • Wear the right size

Wearing the right size isn’t just flattering but can mean that you perform your best on the job. Don’t let your scrubs limit your potential!  

  • Pick the right cut for your body type

Think about the clothes you wear every day, and which cuts you feel most confident in. If you like a slimmer pant, then you might prefer our Jogger Cut. If you prefer a slim, boxier cut, then opt for a Skinny Leg or a Straight Leg.  

  • Choose a flattering colour

If you get don’t have to stick to one colour (lucky you), picking colours can be a fun way to change up your wardrobe. To see what colours suit you best, hold up a colour to your face and see if you look bright and glowing. At Scrub Lab HQ we prefer choosing colours depending on your mood!  

  • Match your scrub top with your scrub pants

Nothing looks sharper than a perfectly fresh set that matches. When the scrubs come in the same brand, you generally are safe knowing the colours will match. The trouble comes with matching scrubs from different brands. The key here would be to make sure that the women’s scrub pants are fade resistant!  

  • Accessorize appropriately

A watch is an easy place to start – and a handy way to make sure all the steps you’re doing is counted if you have a smart watch. If you want to wear jewellery, your accessories should be appropriate for work. Make sure your necklaces can be tucked in if needed and won’t get in the way of your work. Different earrings can also help accentuate a look. Add a scrunchie for a pop of colour! 

No matter the Women’s Scrub Pants you’re looking for, we have you covered

At Scrub Lab, we do what we do for our healthcare heroes. Health care is more than a job, it means being brave and saving lives. We know that what you wear to work is more than a uniform. That’s why we are devoted to making the best scrubs for you. All our scrub pants for women are made with our highly technical SLTech™ - guided by Scrub Lab’s dedication to top design, performance and comfort.