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7 products

7 products

We’re here to transform your style game with our fierce collection of women’s scrub tops at Scrub Lab. From  Ceil to Black to Navy , you’ll find the perfect vibrant shades and colours to suit your workplace or your style. Grab the scrub top that expresses your style!  

At Scrub Lab, we’re known for our custom colours and to be hpnest wearen’t fans of buying pre-made colours off the shelf. We like them unique like each and every one of you. The beauty of our shades is that you can mix and match your favourite tops and pants to make a dynamic duo that you’re proud to wear every day. Perhaps you can cure your Monday blues with some Tuesday reds? Or maybe you want to channel your innercalmness with Lilac… maybe it’s Wednesday and you want to wear pink! Whatever the day brings, make sure youlevel up with the collection at Scrub Lab. Shop online today!

Women's Scrub Tops – Solid and Fashion Scrub Tops

We’ve tested our women’s scrub tops rigorously to withstand the bending, lifting, and stretching you do on the daily. Rumour has it that you can even bend and snap in them! We think that there’s nothing better than a fresh set of scrubs to add a bit of sass to your week. Whether you love V-neck tops or you are a fan of a relaxed fit, or maybe you prefer a more tailored fit, Scrub Lab has got a range of core and limited releases that complete your work wardrobe.  Our scrubs tops are versatile so you can choose between your fave fit for an easy solution to your daily outfit decisions. To find a style that best works for you, browse our collection of women’s scrub tops!  

Keeping on top of Women’s Scrub Tops

  • Quality: Find scrubs that will go the distance and be durable for whatever your day throws at you! (What, like it’s hard?). Scrub Lab’s SLTech™ fabric was created to  has got you covered for those 12-hour (or more!) shifts.  
  • Comfort and functionality:Name a better duo. Comfyscrubs feel like a soft hug but still give you protection and freedom to move.  
  • Pockets: Listen to your heart when it comes to pockets. If you’re constantly carrying a stethoscope or medication around , make sure your scrub tops have plenty of pockets – for the snacks. 
  • Colours: Explore our range of on-trend and classic shades. Look out for our limited drops if you’re feeling a bit extra.  
  • Sizing: Our sizing ranges from a XXS to a 4XL! Consult our sizing guide or shoot us an email if you have any questions about our sizing.  

Shop Scrub Lab’s range of women’s scrubs today to find your next fresh fit – look good, feel comfortable and be ready for your day with a set of Scrub Lab.  

Why Scrub Lab?

Design & Fit

Your days are long, you're the ultimate multitasker and your time is scarce. Incorporating function, form and style, our garments are specifically designed with a little more of you in mind, giving you the freedom and flexibility to shine before, during and after work.


Featuring our proprietary SLTech™ fabric technology, our scrubs are antimicrobial, wrinkle resistant, ultra-soft, and provide four way stretch for supreme comfort.


Our scrubs are treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology to protect the fibres and fabrics so scrubs last longer, inhibit the growth of microorganisms in fabric, and provide anti-odour protection.

You, We, Us

Whether you're head of an organisation or department, part of a high performing team or working solo, we support the need for your brand to shine. Scrub Lab offers custom embroidery to suit your specific team and/or individual needs helping you build team spirit, foster a sense of belonging or simply to let people know who you are.

Medical Scrubs


For fronting up to the frontline, we thank you

Our COVID-19 pre-launch is dedicated to serving the tireless and enduring efforts of our healthcare heroes - you guys! We want to provide you with the best armour so you can dedicate your time to caring for the most vulnerable.