The ‘it’ moment happened, when our co-founder Van, a qualified and practising Registered Nurse, was searching for comfortable and stylish scrubs in the market but could not find anything that matched her standards. She eventually approached her sister, Linh, a qualified accountant with a flair for fashion and creativity, and asked if she could help design her some scrubs that fit and felt good and looked great. No pressure sis lol  

What was intended as a simple exercise and a bit of a fun afternoon, quickly evolved into a serious mission to revolutionise the way medical professionals look and feel at work.   

We believe that what you wear affects how you feel and ultimately, how you perform. As a healthcare professional herself, Van knows first-hand how some days can feel overwhelming, emotional, pressure-filled, long and not to mention sweaty. So we set out to put as much care into the fabric selection, textile development and garment design of our scrubs as you put into your work, with the goal of supporting you to look good and feel good, as you continue to do good.  

Using the highest-grade textiles with maximum durability, innovative functionality, modern design and delivering exceptional comfort, our scrubs seek to inspire and empower healthcare professionals who dedicate their lives to bringing comfort to others.   

Our purpose is help serve you, as you continue to serve the needs of the most vulnerable. We cannot wait for you to join team Scrub Lab.

xo Linh and Van 




Whether you're head of an organisation or department, part of a high performing team or working solo, we support the need for your brand to shine. Scrub Lab offers custom embroidery to suit your specific team and/or individual needs helping you build team spirit, foster a sense of belonging or simply to let people know who you are.