Designed right here in Melbourne for nurses by nurses, Scrub Lab has the most comfortable scrubs for nurses you can find. At Scrub Lab, you can find your perfect set of nurse scrubs in any colour you could want. Plus, we have under scrubs, fleece jackets, compression socks, masks, and mask freshener.

Why our scrubs are great for nurses

We have a range of nursing scrubs perfectly designed specifically with nurses in mind. Scrub Lab scrubs were designed so that no matter how long your shift is or what patients you have each day. With comfort, design, and movability at the forefront of our design, our scrubs are perfect for all of the bending, walking, moving, stretching and lifting you might have to do.

What scrubs are right for you

Materials & Styles

We understand how important both material and style are for nurses when picking their nursing scrubs. With a huge collection made up of unique styles for men and women, including maternity options (four men's nursing scrub shirts, two men's nursing scrub pants, four women’s nursing scrub tops, and four women's nursing scrub bottoms), you can be sure you’ll find a style for you. With all of these options, no matter what style you find most comfortable whether it's a jogger style, a straight leg, a skinny leg, a crew neck, or a v-neck, we have options for you. We also have options depending on the number of pockets you need in your day.

As a nurse, you’re often surrounded by microbes and other bacteria, so it's essential to be as protected as possible, not only for yourself but to ensure you don’t bring any germs home with you. In addition to our SLTech™ fabric, our scrubs are treated with our SILVADUR™ antimicrobial coating technology, which helps fight off and destroy any microbes that come near your nursing uniform. SILVADUR™ protects the fibres and fabrics of your scrubs so that they last longer, inhibits the growth of microorganisms within your scrubs’ material, and also provides anti-odour protection.

men's and women's nursing scrubs

Have a long shift?

Scrub Lab has got you covered

Other products for nurses

In addition to our huge range of nursing scrubs, we also sell other nursing uniform products, including under scrubs, jackets, vests and compression socks. 

Our Scrub Lab compression socks are exceptionally comfortable as they are made from an ultra soft material with extra heel and toe padding. They are perfect for nurses to wear during their long shifts, day or night, since they’re a light 15 MMHG compression. They are available in 3 limited edition fun coloured and patterned designs, perfect for a funky sock lover.

Our Scrub Lab underscrubs are the perfect addition to any nurse's uniform, especially in the cold winter months. They come in a dark grey colour and are ultra soft and comfortable to keep you warm and covered during your shifts. We also added a small quote written along the inside of the left wrist to remind nurses every day that they are “ Resilient.Courageous.Purposeful.”

Mens Scrub

We also have a fleece jacket and vest available to wear in the colder months and also masks and mask sprays. Our mask spray freshener for nurses is made from a blend of natural ingredients to sanitise and freshen your mask instantly. It also contains salicylic acid to help clear and prevent dreaded mask and unblock your pores, and oat extract, chamomile and calendula to soothe and calm irritated skin.

Comfort is always key, even when you’re working.

Our Lucy Jogger Pant scrubs are the perfect women's scrub pants for nurses and anyone who needs them. We designed these scrub pants with comfort, style, and versatility in mind. When creating all of our designs, we wanted to make the most comfortable scrubs in Australia. For nurses who work long shifts and are working overnight, we created a pant that genuinely feels like loungewear without looking like it! The Lucy Jogger scrubs are classic jogger-style scrub pants with a comfortable slim fit and elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring and cuffed ankles. If you wear scrubs regularly, you will understand the importance of having pockets, and the Lucy Jogger features seven functional pockets.

All of our scrubs are made with our SLTech fabric. SLTech fabric is the best scrub fabric available. It features a four-way stretch, which means movement is always easy when your wearing Scrub Lab. Our fabric is ultra soft so that you don't have to worry about any itchiness or discomfort while you spend your day working. Another excellent feature of our SLTech fabric is the antimicrobial finish, which destroys microbes immediately upon contact. Also, the SLTech fabric is wrinkle-resistant, and this means that you don't have to waste any mornings or nights ironing your uniform before heading to work. With Scrub Lab, you will always look put together and ready to take on a long day (or night) of hard work! 

Our Lucy Jogger Scrub Pants are the most comfortable scrub pants in Australia, and we want everyone to be able to experience that comfort. The Lucy Jogger Pant is available in our three core colours (black, navy, and ceil blue) and all of our limited edition colours so that there is always a colour that works for you! At Scrub Lab, we prioritise inclusivity, and we offer our Lucy Jogger Pant in sizes XXS all the way through to 4XL. Plus, we have three different length inseam options for every size (petite, regular, & tall). For more information on sizing and length options, take a look at our size guide

While our Lucy Joggers are designed for women, if you’re looking for a jogger scrub pant for a masculine fit alternative, take a look at our Howard Jogger Scrub Pants which are extremely similar to our Lucy Jogger Pants. Also, if you’re looking for maternity scrubs in Australia, we have our Lucy Jogger pants available as our Lucy Maternity Jogger Scrub Pants which are perfect for pregnant women in their 2nd or 3rd trimesters.

Why Scrub Lab?

Design & Fit

Your days are long, you're the ultimate multitasker and your time is scarce. Incorporating function, form and style, our garments are specifically designed with a little more of you in mind, giving you the freedom and flexibility to shine before, during and after work.


Featuring our proprietary SLTech™ fabric technology, our scrubs are antimicrobial, wrinkle resistant, ultra-soft, and provide four way stretch for supreme comfort.


Our scrubs are treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology to protect the fibres and fabrics so scrubs last longer, inhibit the growth of microorganisms in fabric, and provide anti-odour protection.

You, We, Us

Whether you're head of an organisation or department, part of a high performing team or working solo, we support the need for your brand to shine. Scrub Lab offers custom embroidery to suit your specific team and/or individual needs helping you build team spirit, foster a sense of belonging or simply to let people know who you are.