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      5 products

      If you’re in the veterinary industry, our new Navy vet range will be perfect for you!

      This range is made in some of the same styles and cuts of our base range that you know and love. However, instead of our usual SLTech fabric, our vet range is made with our brand-new SLVTech fabric. This fabric has many of the features that we love about our base fabric but with some incredible additions! This new fabric is antistatic meaning fur and hair won’t stick or cling and can be easily brushed off. Plus, it is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about any of the liquids you may come in contact with throughout your shift.

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      Hey! Thanks for exploring our new Anti-static SLVTECH™ scrub range!

      Explore the unmatched performance of SLVTECH™ and SLTECH™, two premier lines tailored to meet the demands of your dynamic work environment.

      Common question we get asked: “What the difference between our Anti -Static SLVTECH™ fabric and our Original SLTECH™ Fabric?”

      Our new Anti-Static SLVTECH™ fabric feels and look slightly different to our original SLTECH™ fabric. It is a step up from our original fabric with the extra bells and whistles:

      1. Anti-static – it repels fur and hair
      2. Water Repellent (water, coffee, pee, blood just rolls right off!)
      3. Ultra lightweight
      4. Made from recycled polyester
      5. Moisture wicking
      6. 4 way-stretch

      In comparison, our original SLTECH fabric is our infamous super-soft fabric that are customers are all raving about! Properties include:

      1. Ultra softness
      2. Moisture wicking
      3. 4 way-stretch
      4. Silvadur™ antimicrobial technology allows scrubs to last longer, stop growth of bacteria and provide anti-odour protection

      Whether you're tending to patients in the clinic or rushing between wards, SLVTECH™ and SLTECH™ scrubs offer the performance and comfort you need to excel in your profession. Elevate your uniform today and experience the difference for yourself.