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4 products

Men’s scrubs from Scrub Lab are the ultimate versatile uniform for medical professionals. Hit up our selection of men’s scrub pants and tops for bright bold shades or classic styles that can easily fit into your everyday rotation. Mix it up by exploring our range of limited drops like Forest Green or Maroon to embrace your individuality or go for a minimalist, core colour – Ceil, Black, Royal Blue or Navy – to keep you looking cool, calm and collected. For 365 days of the year, find your perfectly fitting men’s scrubs to help you do what you do best. We exist to serve our healthcare heroes and we want to help empower them to keep bringing it day after day.  

Get it done: Men’s Scrubs to Match Any Style  

Scrub yourself up and get your comfy on, folks! Scrub Lab’s range of men’s scrubs have been designed for all day to all night wear. Our flattering and functional styles suit a range of men, no matter your taste or style – we’ve got something that is right for you. Whether you prefer a slim fit or a tailored fit, discover the best of the best to add to your rotation. At Scrub Lab, your scrubs work for you. Our proprietary SL TECH™ fabric is made to be four-way stretch, with anti-wrinkle, are are ultra-soft and moisture wicking. We have even added Silvadur™ antimicrobial technology which provides effective odour control so your scrubs can last longer. Explore our selection of durable and go-to scrubs that follow the latest styles and enhance your professional look.

Why you’ll love men’s scrubs from Scrub Lab 

  • Easy-to-clean, comfortable clothing: You want your scrubs to step up to the plate when it comes to durability. Our scrubs are easy and are made to last longer. As healthcare workers, we know how much you need to rely on your scrubs.  
  • Our scrubs are durable enough to be washed multiple times without fading: Proper care means that your scrubs will keep their shape and colour for longer. More importantly, proper washing lowers the chance of cross-contamination.  
  • Four-way stretch to allow for a full range of motion: We’ve developed our scrubs to nail that sweet spot between comfortable and professional. Don’t skimp out on style when it comes to functional scrubs you can count on.  
  • Plenty of pocket space: Trust your gut when it comes to pockets. Explore our range of scrubs to see which types of pockets are more function for you. Read our sizing guide to find the best fitting scrubs for you.  


See why we’re all obsessing over Scrub Lab’s range of men’s scrubs today! Explore our collection and find your next work fit.   

Why Scrub Lab?

Design & Fit

Your days are long, you're the ultimate multitasker and your time is scarce. Incorporating function, form and style, our garments are specifically designed with a little more of you in mind, giving you the freedom and flexibility to shine before, during and after work.


Featuring our proprietary SLTech™ fabric technology, our scrubs are antimicrobial, wrinkle resistant, ultra-soft, and provide four way stretch for supreme comfort.


Our scrubs are treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology to protect the fibres and fabrics so scrubs last longer, inhibit the growth of microorganisms in fabric, and provide anti-odour protection.

You, We, Us

Whether you're head of an organisation or department, part of a high performing team or working solo, we support the need for your brand to shine. Scrub Lab offers custom embroidery to suit your specific team and/or individual needs helping you build team spirit, foster a sense of belonging or simply to let people know who you are.

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Our COVID-19 pre-launch is dedicated to serving the tireless and enduring efforts of our healthcare heroes - you guys! We want to provide you with the best armour so you can dedicate your time to caring for the most vulnerable.