Your Team Wearing Scrub Lab


Having a trusted company you can rely on to get all of your scrubs is key when creating a team that looks professional and will feel their best all day while at work. For any industry where scrubs are the uniform of choice, Scrub Lab is your one-stop shop. What sets us apart as a bulk scrub provider here in Australia? Well, our huge array of colours is a bonus with everything from black to every shade of blue imaginable, to greens and pinks and reds, whatever you need, you can be sure that we have it. The fabric we use is unique to Scrub Lab and we pride ourselves in having ultra-soft scrubs with four-way stretch that doesn’t go away with time and washes. If you’re looking for a scrub provider where you can get branded and embroidered scrubs for your whole team, Scrub Lab is the answer. 

Embroidery is the key to cohesive and professional scrubs for your team. With our embroidery services, you can get any name or logo embroidered on your scrub tops. You can customise the embroidery by picking the thread colour, font and location of the embroidery so that it’s perfect for your team. If you need any help with our embroidery options, have a specific request, or just need help placing your bulk order get in contact with our team and our customer service will help get your team looking and feeling professional and ready to go!

Another great benefit of choosing Scrub Lab as your team's trusted provider is our huge range of colour options. We have our core range which is made up of more traditional, everyday and corporate scrub colours which we often restock. Our limited edition colours are always changing and often consist of pinks, reds, greens, and purples. Typically our corporate customers choose the core range, however, if you get in quick, we might be able to help you organise a bulk order with one of our limited edition colours. 

One of the reasons our customers keep coming back and continue to choose Scrub Lab for all of their scrub needs is our fabric. Our SLTech™ fabric is unique to Scrub Lab and we have spent the time perfecting it! It is ultra-soft, has four-way stretch, PLUS It’s wrinkle and odour-resistant (perfect for making sure your team always look *and smells* fresh. 

We have so many different styles available for men and women in our base range of scrubs! We also have a range that was created specifically for veterinarians and those who work with animals in any capacity. These Vet scrubs are also perfect for all healthcare workers, but what sets them apart from our base range is the add-ons to our already incredible SLTech™ fabric. It features a hair/fur resistance and a water resistance which means no matter what fluids you may come into contact with, they won’t soak in and stick to the scrubs! We also have a tailored range of scrubs which again is perfect for any healthcare worker but we find specifically those in the the dental and beauty industries really love these styles. 

We would love to see your team wearing Scrub Lab and would love to help you out with your bulk order! Order today to get in contact with the team to get started.