Why Your Team Need to Look Their Best

Is your team all wearing mismatched scrubs of different brands and qualities? Are you looking for a way to make your team look more put together and to make sure customers can tell they’re getting the best service possible just from one look at the team? 

Making sure everyone who works within your clinic/office is looking their best is extremely important. Yes, this can be done by providing general rules on the colour/fit style of scrubs, but the best way is to organise the scrubs for your team. At Scrub Lab, we always prioritise quality, and fit when designing our scrubs. This means that you can even enjoy a more fun and bright colour palette of scrubs, if that’s your style, without worrying about the colours becoming faded or looking old and tacky over time as with other scrub brands. 

Our colour range is also a huge selling point in what puts us above other scrub brands. If you’re looking for a more professional/traditional everyday colour we have our core range which we regularly restock and this includes all of your more basic everyday scrub colours, Black, Teal, Navy, Royal Blue, Ceil Blue, and Steel Grey. All of these can be great options if your practice is more sleek and professional in your colours. Alternatively, if you’re after some more colourful scrubs to brighten up your workplace, our limited edition colour ranges will be perfect for you. This includes a range of ever-changing colours such as Pinks, Purples, Reds, Greens, and so much more. 

When choosing to provide scrubs for your team, or have a selected provider your team must purchase from, it’s always great to have different styles available, of course, if you want an overall more uniform look it’s great to have everyone in the same style, and with so many style options to choose from, we have a style that everyone will love. Alternatively, if you’re thinking of going down the route of having a specific brand & colour, where everyone can then pick the style that they’ll feel most comfortable in, then our range of styles will come in handy to make sure that everyone can find a top and bottoms that they love the fit of. 

Our scrubs are made to last, with colours that don’t fade and fabric that doesn’t lose its stretch, softness, and overall high quality. This is important for all healthcare workers, especially when you're trying to find a solution that helps keep your team looking professional. With other brands, it can be difficult to keep everyone looking uniform when the scrubs are fading and stretching out with every wash, meaning newer staff look completely different than older staff. 

If you want your patients to walk in and feel like they’re getting top-quality service, this starts with the appearance of your staff. If someone were to walk in and see staff with faded uniforms and low-quality scrubs, they’re not going to view it as a high-quality service (and won’t expect to pay for a high-quality service). In any industry, a customer, client or patient’s experience starts the second they walk through the door and it is your job to make sure that your team look the part.