Why Vets Love Our Scrubs

In case you didn’t know, we have an entire vet range that is all made from our specialised SLVTech™ fabric! If this fabric sounds familiar, you’ve likely heard of our very own SLTech™ fabric which is what all of our scrubs are made from (obviously, excluding the vet range). 


So, our SLVTech™ fabric is a brand new take and improvement on our original fabric, designed with vets at the forefront. It features all of the great aspects of our SLTech™ which include;

  • Four-way stretch which is incredibly important for all healthcare workers to ensure they have maximum mobility while at work
  • Anti-wrinkle so that no matter how short on time you may be, you’ll never have to worry about ironing your scrubs early in the morning or right before you leave for work 
  • Odour-resistant so that no matter how much running around you do on shift you don’t have to worry about how you smell
  • Ultra-soft, arguably this is the most important aspect because if there’s one thing you want to be at work it’s comfortable. 

And it still gets better! Our SLVTech™ fabric is ALSO liquid-resistant, meaning any liquids you may come in contact with during your shift or any spilled coffee on the way, is no problem as it will simply roll straight off! And even more importantly for a vet, it’s anti-static (or as we call it, fur-resistant) this means that no matter how up close and personal you get with your patients, any hair or fur will swipe right off! 

Our vet range is available in multiple style options and more importantly, many colour options which we continue to add to!