Why Fabric Matters In Your Scrubs

So why does the fabric really matter in your scrubs? Why do we focus so much on advertising our SLTech fabric? 

Well, most obviously and (importantly) our fabric is incredibly high quality and durable meaning it’s going to last you for many years to come without fading, stretching, or becoming overall lacklustre and worn out. When you compare Scrub Lab to our competitors, flattering designs aside, it’s our fabric that truly sets us apart from the others on the market. 

Our SLTech fabric is moisture-wicking, plus it’s odour and wrinkle-resistant. This helps to keep your scrubs looking new and keep you looking put together all day or night throughout your shift, regardless of any naps you sneak on your break. In addition to this, our fabric is ultra soft, and we may be biased, but it’s definitely the reason our scrubs are truly the most comfortable scrubs in Australia. As a nurse or any other healthcare worker, we know your day may consist of constant bending down and stretching to help patients or reach medication, so we made sure our scrub fabric has four-way stretch so you don't need to worry about ripping a hole in your pants if you bend down a little too quickly. 

As a bonus, we also have a specially designed fabric for vets! It has all the incredible features of our regular SLTech fabric but is also antistatic (fur-resistant), and waterproof (or any other liquid you may encounter). 

Take it from us, fabric really is the most important factor when it comes to choosing your new favourite everyday scrubs that you rely on to help you do your best work.