Why ED Nurses Love Our Scrubs

As an ED nurse, we know you have to be on your A-game for your entire shift and you can’t have something like your scrubs getting in the way of your work. We spend so much time creating and perfecting our scrub designs to make sure they support you all day in your work and help keep you efficient and feeling good all day! 

The most obvious reason why emergency nurses, and everyone, loves our scrubs is because of our endless style options and our gorgeous colours! We have our core colours which consist of black, grey, a number of blues, and teal, or we also have our ever-changing limited edition colours which often have greens, burgundy, pinks, or other gorgeous colours that our customers love! 

There are so many features of our scrubs that set them apart from the rest and make them fan favourites among nurses! Some of these key features come down to the SLTech™ fabric that we use. This fabric is ultra-soft which is enough alone to make you fall in love, but it also has so many other benefits and features that simply set it above the rest. It has a four-way stretch so that throughout your shift you never have to worry about feeling restricted or held back from any bending and moving you need to do. Also, this fabric is odour and wrinkle-resistant so no matter how much you’re running around on shift or how last minute you’re getting ready, there's no need for ironing or having to worry about how you smell! 

Beyond the fabric, our designs were created keeping in mind the hectic shifts that nurses often have. As an ED nurse, you have to be ready to go and move at any minute. For this reason, all of our scrubs are designed to be super comfy and easy to move in with elastic waists and different pant length options so they fit your body properly. We prioritise having usable pockets on all of our scrub bottoms and tops so that you can always have everything you’ll need on you and not have to run back and forth grabbing things.  

There are so many reasons that emergency nurses love our scrubs but these are just some of the things that really set us apart from other scrub brands.