What Colour Nursing Scrubs Should I Buy?

So, you’re looking to buy your new favourite pair of nursing scrubs but don’t know what colour to choose? Let us help you out! 

Scrub Lab is the best place to be looking, all of our scrubs are hand designed by healthcare workers here in Melbourne, Australia and each of our colours have been carefully selected to give you as many options as possible. 

Look Into Regulations

The first step in selecting the perfect colour for your new scrubs is to make sure you check out any rules or regulations regarding colour at your place of work. Most hospitals in Australia will have a specified colour you need to wear and some other workplaces may have specific rules requiring you to only wear certain colours. Hopefully, no matter what the regulations are at your workplace we will have a colour that works for you!

Core or Limited?

If your workplace doesn’t have any restrictions then lucky for you, you have a huge range of options to pick from! The next step in picking your perfect colour is to decide between our core range or our limited edition colours. Our core range consists of everyday colours including black, navy, ceil, royal blue, teal, and grey. And our limited edition options are ever-changing and we are always adding fun new colour options. 

Make The Choice

Once you’ve figured out if there are any colour restrictions placed on you by your workplace or university for your nursing scrubs, and decided whether you’d prefer a core colour or a limited edition colour it’s time to make your decision. Scroll through all our colours and decide which colour will best match your personality. If you don’t love any of our limited colours, feel free to leave a comment on our social media with any colour requests and hopefully, we’ll be able to make it happen for you someday soon!