Understanding Our Different Scrub Collections

At Scrub Lab, we do our best to make our scrubs easy for you to purchase, but we understand it can be confusing to know which collection you should purchase from! 

Our Core range

As expected, Our main collection is perfect for all healthcare workers no matter what industry you’re in. This collection is all made from our SLTech fabric, which we believe is game-changing for healthcare workers. Scrub Lab started with nurses in mind and developing the perfect scrubs that are not only comfortable and practical but also stylish! Over the years, we have taken the time to refine our designs and make sure that we have scrubs that are perfect for everyone, in all areas of healthcare.

Our base collection is made up of 4 women's scrub pant options and 3 women’s scrub top options of completely different styles to make sure there is a perfect option for you. For men, we also have many options, consisting of 2 different pants and 4 different tops. Shop this collection today!

Our vet range

We recently brought out our vet collection which we created with vets in mind, but is still a great choice for a range of healthcare workers. The vet collection is made from our specialised SLVTech fabric. This fabric is very similar to our base fabric, however, it has been reformulated with vets in mind. In addition to all of the great features in our base fabric, this new fabric is also anti-static meaning any hair or fur from your patients will fall straight off with the swipe of your hand. This fabric is also liquid-resistant which means any water, or other fluids you may get on you throughout your day. 

While we have called this our ‘vet range’ and it is perfect for those in the veterinary industry, it’s also a great option for nurses, and people in all areas of healthcare. You can shop our vet range for men and women today.

Our tailored range

Our final collection (for now) is our tailored range, This is our smallest range and as of right now we only have women's scrubs available in this range. These scrubs are, as the name suggests, a more tailored fit and the top features a mandarin stand collar with back pleats and an asymmetrical button fastening. These scrubs are made from the same ultra-soft and stretchy fabric as our core range so you can trust that these scrubs will be just as comfortable, even though they are a more tailored fit. 

This collection was designed for those working in the dental and beauty industries, however, they are just as perfect for anyone who needs scrubs despite the industry you’re in. You can shop our tailored range here!