Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Scrubs

Whether you’re working late nights in the ICU or early mornings on call, soft, stretchy scrubs is a must. There’s nothing worse than hour 5 of a long shift and your scrubs feel heavy and dirty. Dressing for comfort is important so you feel ready to do your best. When you have soft scrubs that are functional and long lasting, it’s easier to be confident and prepared for whatever work throws at you. Here are our tips to know when buying scrubs. Today we’re breaking down our top tips to finding the perfect scrubs.

Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Scrubs

Handy Tips When Buying Scrubs

  • Find the Right Fit

Comfortable scrubs sparks joy! You don’t want your scrubs to be too big and boxy or too tight so that it gets in the way of your movement. Find durable, yet stretchy scrubs to give you freedom to move – like a cosy outfit that feels like a soft hug.

  • Look for Quality Scrubs

When your scrubs can’t last more than few weeks…Ugh, As If! You don’t want to opt for cheaper sets that won’t be in your closet for long. Quality scrubs are strong as nails and easy to clean. We have developed our SLTech™ fabric, that mean your scrubs are ultra-stretchy and anti-wrinkle. Our super soft scrubs are also moisture-wicking for those 12-hour shifts.

  • Enough Pockets

The number of pockets for your scrubs is up to you. It depends on your personality, your comfort level, and your work habits. Some might only want five, while others prefer twelve! It doesn’t matter how many pockets you have, but also how functional they are!

  • Colours count

Depending on your workplace, you might be required to wear a specific colour. If you have the option to choose a colour, then the world is your oyster! If it was up to us, we’d say wear a different colour every day to match your mood. Feel pretty in Pink by channelling your inner Elle Woods or tap into your inner peace with a calming Lilac.

  • Fade Resistant

When your scrubs are fade resistant, the colours you picked stay beautiful rather than looking faded and drab. Make sure you’re always having a fashion moment in your scrubs!

  • You Can Still Be Stylish

When you’re really feeling yourself and looking fresh, it makes all the difference. The secret to style is to feel good in what you wear. When you’re wearing soft scrubs that help you during your workday, you feel more confident. Stretchy scrubs support you when you’re getting the job done!

Benefits of Using Medical

Benefits of Using Medical

Medical scrubs were adopted to increase cleanliness in healthcare. Before scrubs, nurses would wear ill-fitting dresses and spiffy caps, while surgeons would perform surgeries in their streetwear with an apron. Here are some other benefits of using medical scrubs to help you be your best self:

  • Protection

    Soft scrubs still need to be able protect you from all the liquids might face bodily or otherwise.


  • Comfort

    Look for a material that gives you stretchy scrubs so that it is comfortable and functional.


  • Functional

    Think about what your day is like. If you’re going to be on call while hopping between different departments, maybe you need heaps of pockets. If you’re only wearing scrubs for procedures, see how the scrubs sit on your body and help you move.


  • Identification

    Healthcare professionals wear scrubs to be easily identifiable to patients and their colleagues. Check with your workplace on the colours that they prefer you to wear.


  • Stains

    Scrubs are designed to protect the wearer from dangerous spills or bodily fluids. If your work is prone to stains, opt for a darker coloured scrub to keep you looking fresh.

Choose the Right Scrubs For Your Body Type

Choose the Right Scrubs For Your Body Type

It’s not what you’re wearing, but how you flaunt it. Look at your current out of shift clothes and see which styles you gravitate towards. An important factor is that scrub tops fit well, meaning that they are not too tight or too loose so that you don’t accidently catch onto something while you’re moving around. If you’re looking to enhance your figure or create a more flattering shape, here are our breakdowns and hot tips:

  • Pear/Apple

    Look at bootcut, flare and high-rise pants like our Clarissa or Edith to offset wider hips.


  • Hourglass

    Try our Lucy Jogger Pants to help fit your waist.


  • Column

    Our Lucy Jogger is a great option if you want to help form the look of a curvier waist.


  • Inverted Triangle/ V shape

    Look for wide legs to balance your shoulders like our Clarissa or Edith Scrub Pants. 

At the end of the day, wear clothes that you like – as long as it makes you feel fabulous. Follow your hearts, my friends! If a jogger cut makes you happy, if it’s a flattering cut on your body, then end of story. Full stop. Period.


Finding the softest scrubs that are also stretchy can be difficult. With flattering and versatile styles from Scrub Lab, our range can suit a range of medical professionals. Our durable and moisture-wicking material will keep you comfortable and protected from day to night. Level up your scrubs and browse the range from Scrub Lab today!