Things You Need to Know Before Buying Scrub Pants

Be a Smarty Pants: Things You Need to Know Before Buying Scrub Pants

This is a love letter to good scrub pants. Good scrub pants are like that one nurse that you can always count on for any shift and makes your day a little easier, something you can rely on whatever your day throws at you. As they say, keep your heads, heels and standards high. This is also true for finding the perfect pair of scrub pants.

For us, we think that scrub pants should start with good side pockets. Whoever made pants without functional side pockets was seriously kidding themselves. When you’re looking for your ultimate go-to pants, colour is important too. Ceil, Navy and Black scrub pants are some of the common colours that nurses gravitate towards when they start their roles. It is best to check with your workplace what colour they prefer, but these safe colours are your go-to for any shift. Obviously, quality is a must (duh!). You don’t want to spend money on cheap scrubs that will fade easily after a single wash. Here is our take on what things you should look for before buying scrub pants.

Be a Smarty Pants: Things You Need to Know Before Buying Scrub Pants

Never Lower Your Standards: Choose High-Quality Materials for Scrub Pants

According to a US study, a 12-hour shift will get you moving an average of 4 miles. In kilometres, this is just under 6.5km, and that doesn’t even include all the moving and reaching you do on the job. Being a healthcare worker is not just a tough job, but also needs extreme stamina and endurance. Nurses are on their feet almost their entire shift.

Find scrubs that are made with frontliners in mind. What does this mean? Make sure your scrubs pants have side pockets you can actually use. Good scrub pockets are like Mary Poppins’ magical bag, just endless possibilities. We asked one of our medical besties what was in her pockets, and she found gloves, three different kinds of pens, alcohol wipes, lip balm, scissors, tape, a stethoscope, and the list goes on.

You also want them to be the right length and fit, so they’re not dragging on the floor and you don’t want to be caught off guard when you’re bending over (somethings can’t be unseen).

Find scrubs that are made from strong materials that are spun for maximum durability, to ensure it meets the highest level of quality. Without maximum durability standards, your scrubs will be prone to tears after only a few washes. Let’s be real, we are not about buying scrubs every single week. High quality materials last longer and can even have other features, like including antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of microorganisms in fabric and provide anti-odour protection.

A Match Made in Heaven: Other Things to Consider When Finding the Right Scrub Pants

  • Style

Scrubs only started becoming a thing in the 90s. Even though everyone was really excited to stop wearing oversized dresses, scrub pants were still uncomfortable and felt quite heavy. Nowadays, scrubs are made to mirror modern cuts and can even feel like PJs – but finding the right scrub pants for you comes down to your own personal style.

Finding your personal style can often be confusing and overwhelming… And honestly, who has the time to sit down and think about all the clothes you like to wear? When you don’t know what your style is, that’s when we end up with a closet full of clothes that we don’t like wearing.

Look at the clothes you love to wear and note down similarities. Think about if you prefer straight legged jeans or if you live in athleisure joggers. This is a good place to start to find scrubs that suit your style.

Stylish Scrub Pants
  • Colour

Colour is a great place to experiment with your style and personality. At Scrub Lab, each of our colours from lilac to black are hand picked and custom dyed – we’re not fans of buying colours off the shelf!

Colours Scrub Pants
  • Size

Finding the right size is the key for staying comfortable all day. You’ll want to make sure your pants aren’t too loose and that they drag on the floor or can get easily caught on hospital equipment. Similarly, make sure you can raise your arms in your scrub top without being restricted. If you work in a particularly cold workplace, make sure you’ve got enough room underneath your top for under scrubs.

Sizes Scrub Pants

Find What Complements You: The Best Scrub Pants for Your Body Type

Just like a life partner, you want your scrubs to help you be the best version of yourself. Here are a few important things you should know to find scrubs that fit perfectly, so you can flaunt what you’ve got! These are our tips for using the handy Scrub Lab size guide to find your perfect fit.

Waist and Inseam

Measure the waistband of the pants from the inside to find your waist size. You can also measure around your exposed waist where the waistband would usually rest. Our scrub pants come with drawstrings so you can be as snatched as you want… or give yourself a bit more breathing room if someone’s brought baked goods to the breakroom.

Your inseam is the measurement from the top of the inner leg pant seam to the opening at the bottom of your pant leg. Our scrubs lengths come in regular, tall, and petite/short to help you get a fit that is perfect for you!


Low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise are usually words we hear get thrown around when we’re talking about jeans. Despite what the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants says, there’s not one style of pant that can suit everyone. Finding the right pair can come down to personal preference or how much you want it to complement your figure.

Low-Rise: We’ll blame the revival of Y2K for the return of low-rise pants. This hip-hugging style looks best on people with a shorter torso who are wanting to balance their body.

Mid-Rise: Mid rise sits just above the hips, and some of the most figure-friendly cuts. It is a very versatile that can suit a wide range of people and body types.

High-Rise: These pants sit at your true waist and hips or completely covering your belly button. High rise pants create longer lines by creating the illusion of longer legs. If you have an hourglass or pear shape, it can even accentuate your curves.


Straight Cut: Straight cut has a narrow leg but does not flare at the ankle. If you’ve got a pear or hourglass shape, this cut can emphasise your shape!

Cuts Scrub Pants

Skinny Leg Cut: With the increase in popularity of the 70s and disco flare pants, skinny leg cuts have become more divisive nowadays. We think skinny leg cuts are great because they suit a range of shapes, from pear, hourglass to apple and athletic.

Skinny Leg Cut Scrub Pants

Joggers: Joggers flatter a straight figure, or people that want to draw attention to their hips and thighs. The tapered leg style will emphasise the angle of your body from your hips to your ankles. If you have more of a pear shape, opt for a high rise fit to give you more shape. For those that need extra leg room and a defined waist, our styles will be your best friend and go to for your workday.

Joggers Pants

Find your perfect pair of scrub pants at Scrub Lab

As long as you feel like your pants support you and you feel fabulous in them, that’s all that matters! When finding the pair for you, think about your own standards. Maybe scrubs pants with a large number of side pockets are most important, or maybe it’s not the number of pockets but the type of pockets. Whatever you’re looking for, explore the latest styles at Scrub Lab.

From Ceil Blue to Black, our scrub tops and pants come in a range of colours so you can express your personality at work. We think, if you find a style you love, grab one in every colour. Who says dressing fun is only for the weekend? To keep up to date on all the latest colour drops and limited styles, sign up to the Scrub Lab newsletter!