The Evolution of Scrub Styles

The Evolution of Scrub Styles 

Within the last ten years nursing scrubs have changed drastically. The value of comfort and style is highly prioritised, and now more than ever nurses and healthcare professionals are searching for scrubs that make them feel good while looking good and doing good. At Scrub Lab we like to be number one when it comes to comfort, style and staying ahead of the crowd. 


Although some hospitals have strict rules when it comes to the colour of your scrubs we have an array of styled fits and colours to ensure we have scrubs that are perfect for you. We have created two colour ranges to choose from, whether you are after our classic scrub colours from our core range like black, navy, blue, teal, and grey. We promise these will be your new favourite everyday scrubs you’ll be reaching for! Our limited edition range is perfect for industries that allow a little colour, particularly with pink being a new fan favourite in 2024. 

Comfortable fabrics

Regular hospital scrubs can be irritable and leave you feeling uncomfortable which can affect your performance at work. At Scrub Lab comfort is key. We have designed scrubs that are as comfortable and functional as possible to get you through the day with a little pep in your step.  All our scrubs are made with premium quality textiles featuring SLTech and SILVADUR technology to protect the fibres and fabrics in your scrubs. We know you will be reaching for your scrubs fresh out of the wash, so they need to stand the test of time. This fabric technology eliminates the growth of microorganisms and provides anti-odour protection. Our scrubs are also wrinkle-resistant, antimicrobial, ultra soft and give you four-way stretch for the ultimate comfort. 


Gone are the days of boring, restrictive, itchy scrubs. At Scrub Lab we have an array of scrub styles, tailored to your profession, desired look and fit. Whether you are after a relaxed look or a tailored fit we have got you covered. Our scrubs give you the option to personalise your uniform to make you feel comfortable and stylish while you work. We also have designed a variety of scrubs tailored to your professional industry, so be sure to check out our veterinarian, dental and beautician ranges. 

Scrubs have come a long way when it comes to comfort and design. We are so glad that we can support healthcare professionals in different industries with scrubs that are comfortable, practical and stylish to make them feel their best while they do their best. Shop our men’s scrubs and women’s scrubs to see what all the rave is about!