Men need comfortable scrubs too!

Men need comfortable scrubs too!

At Scrub Lab we know first-hand the struggles of wearing uncomfortable, irritable scrubs, especially on those pressure-filled days. Everyone deserves to feel their best and this is why we have designed a men’s scrubs range too! Our men’s range covers an array of colours and styles for you to choose from. We have specifically designed our garments to include as many options as possible to fit your style, comfort and profession. 

Design, Fit and Fabric

We have specifically designed our men’s scrubs to fit the challenges you may face in your day-to-day workplace. Featuring our proprietary SLTech fabric technology, our scrubs are antimicrobial, wrinkle resistant, ultra-soft and provide four-way stretch for supreme comfort to tackle the day. Each scrub is treated with SILVADUR antimicrobial technology to protect the fibres and fabrics to ensure your scrubs last longer, restrict the growth of microorganisms in the fabric, and provide anti-odour protection. 


We offer a range of scrub styles so there is always the perfect choice for you. Our scrub tops come in a v-neck style, crew neck, or a collared neckline to fit your professional line of work. Our scrub pants come in a variety of modern styles and feature our proprietary SLTech fabric technology to ensure you look great, feel comfortable and are ready for whatever your day throws at you. Whether you are a healthcare professional, corporate, nurse or veterinarian our scrubs are the perfect choice of uniform incorporating function, form and style. 

Colour Range

We believe you should be able to reflect your style and express yourself through your workwear to feel your best while in your uniform. We have designed our men’s scrubs with an endless range of colours to choose from. Whether that be everyday colours like blue, black, teal or grey from our core range, or more vibrant colours to show off your unique personality, we often release new collections with limited edition colours, so be sure to be on the lookout! 

We Recommend

If you are shopping for your first pair of Men’s scrubs, we recommend our Core Range. This will be perfect for you if you are looking for a more everyday style that is timeless and classic. We understand not every workplace is the same, with some having strict rules. With this in mind, we have designed navy scrubs, ceil blue scrubs, royal blue scrubs, teal scrubs, black scrubs, and grey scrubs, to suit every workplace regardless of restrictions. 

Shop our men’s scrubs today and be prepared to discover your new favourite pair of scrubs. With our endless range of scrubs, we are sure you’ll be able to find something that is perfect for you.