Different colour scrubs for your industry

Different colour scrubs for your industry

If you’ve seen our huge range of men’s and women's scrubs you know we have the perfect scrubs just for you. Whether you are channelling a pop of pink in your life, a subtle hint of colour or a classic everyday go-to scrub we’ve got your back! 


Adding more colour to your scrub wardrobe is always fun for nurses. This brightens not only the patient's day but also yourself, adding a little pep to your step. Going into the clinic/hospital can already be nerve-racking and stressful, especially when you’re wearing scrubs you don’t love. Our colourful scrubs allow patients to feel more comfortable and relaxed, creating a more positive experience for both of you. With this in mind, we are always adding new colours to expand our scrub range. It’s important to feel your best, especially when you are supporting others. 

Show off your favourite colour

Show off your unique personality through your scrubs in the workplace! You can really create a lasting impression on patients, clients, and colleagues. We are so used to seeing white coats in the dental office, so why not spice up the workplace with some colour. If you are after a more tailored-fitting uniform with a blend of style and comfort, we have a new tailored range of scrubs. Our popular black and navy scrubs are the go-to if you are after a professional simple look that is still striking. Our Powder Pink scrubs add a touch of femininity and warmth to soften your uniform. We are sure you will be receiving a lot of compliments!

Customise your scrubs with logo embroidery

What better way to create a positive environment for your employees than through colourful scrubs. Boosting your team spirit and developing a sense of belonging can improve work productivity with happier employees who are excited to go to work. Having to pick what colour scrubs from your wardrobe will be your next worry. At Scrub Lab an added benefit of purchasing from us, you can customise your scrubs with our logo embroidery service. This will add the cherry on top to your uniform and promote your team, department or organisation.

Check out our huge variety of scrubs where you will find the perfect colour for you. We are always dropping new colours and styles so stay updated on our next exclusive drop where you will find your next favourite pair of scrubs!