Comfortable and Fashionable Scrub Pants for Nurses

Comfortable and Fashionable Scrub Pants for Nurses (AKA Multi-Tasking Megababes!)

Comfortable AND fashionable scrubs for nurses? Groundbreaking.

No, but actually.

One of the most important skills you learn as a nurse – yes more important than finding an IV pole or not missing your first cannula– is learning how to multitask. Whether if you’re in a busy ED or working the dreaded the night shift, multitasking is a skill that takes great practice and finesse.

We can all agree that comfortable and well-fitting scrubs make all the difference. It all comes down to what you wear, that has an impact the way you feel and in turn, affects the way you act and perform. You’ve heard the phrase ‘dress for success’ but we say that success is embracing your best self.

The perfect fit does exist. So what are you waiting for? Reach for a set of scrubs that can make you feel empowered, confident, and most importantly YOU. 

Here’s what to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect pair.

How to Choose High Quality Scrub Pants

Not only are your days long, but you also have to wear many different hats and do a range of different things during your shift. You’re the ultimate multitasker that practically lives in your uniform. When trying to find the best scrub pants, you’ll want to choose high quality scrubs. This comes down to the material which should have plenty of stretch, be super soft and odour-wicking, while also incorporating function, form and style.

Be on the look out for scrubs that are microbial, wrinkle resistant, super-soft and provide four ways stretch for supreme comfort. There’s nothing better than being comfortable so that you’re ready for whatever your day throws at you.

Scrub Pant Styles

Joggers in Women’s and Men’s Scrub Pant

Joggers are versatile to the highest degree. They will often have elasticised or cuffed ankles and feature a tapered cut/ fit that becomes slimmer down the leg. They are constructed with mobility and comfort in mind. Whether you’re on the grind or on the clock, joggers are always on – comfort never takes a break, even when you do.

Joggers in Women’s and Men’s Scrub Pant

Shop Lucy

Joggers in Women’s and Men’s Scrub Pant

Shop Howard

Straight Leg Women’s and Men’s Scrub Pant

For all those ‘I don’t know what to wear days’ there's the straight leg scrub pants that have pockets in all the right places. Never be without extra medical tape when your patient accidentally pulls out their cannula. Let your pants do all the talking when you pull out extra meds, hand sanitiser or a sneaky snack. You'll be ‘ready for any situation’!

Straight Leg Women’s and Men’s Scrub Pant

Shop Edith

Straight Leg Women’s and Men’s Scrub Pant

Shop Victor

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing Nurse Scrubs Pants

Fit and Proportion

Balance isn’t something you find, but something you create. When finding the ultimate nurse pants, you should consider how you want them to fit. Maybe you like looking like you have legs for days, or maybe you love how your favourite pants give you an hourglass figure. Try and replicate these styles with your scrub pants. But bear in mind that not all scrubs have the sizing, so it's always wise to consult the size guide. 


From runways to Tiktoks to insta feeds, oversized clothes are everywhere. However, when you’re looking for scrub pants, make sure they’re the right size. As a nurse you’re going to be constantly on the move. You don’t want oversized or baggy pants to get in the way. Our scrubs are more on the fitted side, so if you're looking for a looser fit - we would recommend to size up. Being comfortable and confident is our mission, and we feel that scrub pants that fit well just hits differently.  

Style and Design

When it comes to style and design, listen to your heart desire. It's all about YOU, and what YOU want!

For those that love a matching set, we have a range of nurse scrub pants that come in our core and limited edition drops. 


Fabric is the core of any good scrubs. It contributes to the comfort, durability, and maintenance of your scrubs. Comfy fabric means that your scrubs can move the way you need it to. Scrubs need to be washed regularly as well, so a good fabric will be durable enough to last week to week washes. But always remember to follow the washing instructions to ensure you get the most out of your scrubs.


It’s the number of pockets for us. A high number of pockets on your nurse scrub pants makes multitasking look easy, breezy and beautiful. But a word of warning: when choosing your ideal number of pockets, think about function over number.


Is colour really the new black?

Shake up your options by trying new shades to switch up your style. Get a shade that gives ‘look at me now’ energy to help energise you during your shift. Level up on your scrub game with a colour that makes you look fab, while also serving confidence - all day, every day. 

Make your moment at Scrub Lab

Your scrubs say a lot about you. Whether you love form-fitting, on trend joggers or a clean-cut and classic straight pants, our collection of scrub pants will help you get through your jam-packed days and tough nights. Pick your fave or try a new style today by shopping online.

Let us know which team you prefer, whether it's Team Joggers, Straight or Skinny Leg Pants and leave us a comment at @scrublab__