Choosing the right scrubs as a first-time nurse

Heading out into your first nursing job after graduating from university is such a fun and exciting time. But it also can be so incredibly scary and nerve racking. We want to help get rid of at least some of those nerves for you. We designed our scrubs in hopes that they can help healthcare workers look and feel their best all day (and night) while at work, whether it’s your first-ever shift or your thousandth shift. 

Choosing a pair of scrubs that will make you feel the most comfortable and confident, can have a surprisingly positive influence on the way you feel throughout your shift and even the way you perform. At Scrub Lab, we understand that everyone has different styles and colours that make you feel your best. We have multiple styles of scrub tops and scrub pants for both men and women to choose from. Whether you prefer a tailored fit pant, a more relaxed jogger fit pant, or if you prefer a v-neck top or a crew neck top, we truly have it all! 

Another important decision to make when it comes to your first pair of scrubs is what colour you want to wear for your very first day. A lot of people love our core colours which include a lot of neutral colours and a selection of blues. If you want to blend in more or simply prefer these colours, our core range is definitely the place for you. However, if you feel more confident in brighter colours we always have different limited edition colours which often include pinks, purples, reds/maroons, greens, and other colour options. You can take a look at our current limited-edition colours here

Hopefully, we’ve been able to help make you feel at least a little less nervous and more excited about your upcoming first day!